Beavers - fascinating and unique forms of nature!

There is likely no person in the world who doesn`t like jewellery. They are made in a variety of styles, types and forms. As jeweller`s art is a vast field for fantasy and creativity, everyone may always choose what they really like.

Beavers jewellery – is a vivid example of unique design and fascinating forms steeped in nature and spirituality. Motifs of nature, refrected through prism of perception and sensitiveness of the expert, look curiously realistic and fantastic.

In creation of the Beavers jewellery, natural and high-quality materials are used. Earrings, rings and pendants are made from silver 925. All goods are decorated with precious and semiprecious stones. That looks not only fashionable, but also adds a bright touch of every design solution to your style.

Every sample piece goes through a complex manufacturing process, that gets it into shape of natural analogue (object). Beavers goods differ from others in dimensions of forms and non-standard decorations of front platforms. For making each good original, they are manufactured by method of electroplating, when all the objects are covered with gold and rhodium.

Our jewellery are the author`s work.

We make our jewellery look not trivial. They look wonderful on young lady`s delicate hand and you can wear our jewellery for a business meeting, lunch with friends, a party and even when going out in a high-society.

The certificate of a special record № 0080006454 was given on May 13, 2013 by the West-Siberian state inspection of the Russian state assay office.